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How to Choose a Quality Boise, Idaho Roofing Contractor

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So….you’re replacing your roof. Or at least, you’re pretty sure you need to replace your roof. Some of the shingles have fallen off, things are looking a little funky and last time it rained you noticed some suspicious stains on your ceiling….at very least it needs a good repair.

But how do you choose a roofer?

By far the most essential part of deciding to get your roof replaced, choosing the right roofer can mean a difference in price, quality, experience, etc, all definitely important to consider. When dealing with an investment in your home that is this important, you definitely want to be educated. After all, we’re talking about your home! You want an experienced contractor and locally-owned Boise roofer you can trust.

Do your research! Look up Your Boise Roofer First

Google reviews idaho roofing contractors boise treasure valley five star reviews

Not even as close to as hard as you think it’d be – this is the digital age after all! There are a few really simple steps you can take to make sure you’re choosing the right roofer in the Treasure Valley before you even talk to your contractor in person.

Look up your Idaho Roofer on Google (no, not Bing…GOOGLE).

Google reviews idaho roofing contractors boise treasure valley five star reviews

It might seem a little obvious, but you should always start your research online! After all, if you look up how to fix your car or cook a new recipe on the good old internet, you should definitely be researching your roofer. In fact, you can make a really educated choice about your Boise roofer based on what you find online!

Of course, start on Google. Check for ‘Idaho Roofers near me,’ and check for roofers in your area of the Treasure Valley. You’ll get a list of roofers in your area, their contact info, and links to their website (if they have one).

Another great place to check for local Treasure Valley Roofers is Idaho’s Best! These awards are voted on by the community, so you can trust that contractors who have won this award have a great reputation.

What does their online reputation look like?

Google reviews idaho roofing contractors boise treasure valley five star reviews

Google is a good start, but there are all kinds of other places you can look up information on a roofer’s reputation in the Treasure Valley.

When looking at reviews, consider the following:

  • How many reviews do they have?
  • Are they good or bad reviews?
  • Most importantly, how does the company handle a bad review? Do they make it right when there are issues?

Wondering where to find reviews? There are actually a lot of places you might not know to look:

Take the time to do the research on what other people like you are saying, and you won’t regret it. Previous customers’ reviews will tell you more than almost anything else. Obviously the more reviews the better! Plus, it’s extremely difficult to have a majority positive reviews, so you can feel a lot more confident when you see 4+ stars.

Talk with your roofing company!

Google reviews idaho roofing contractors boise treasure valley five star reviews

Don’t be intimidated to ask questions! A good roofing company will be happy to sit down and go over your roof in-depth with you, so you know where every dollar is spent and the quality of the product you’re paying for.

You’re much more likely to end up happy with your roof if you’re as educated as possible. Any good roofer will be happy to show you examples of the products and answer all your questions about the process.

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