Any homeowner considering a roof replacement in Boise and its surrounding areas is rightfully concerned about the expense of such a project. These days, installing a new roof is a big investment that can take years to pay off.

Idaho Roofing Contractors does everything we can to help customers afford their roofing work, from providing affordable services to creating free estimates. We’ve also put together a quick explanation of the cost of a replacement roof in Idaho for you.

How Much Does a Replacement Roof Cost in Boise and Surrounding Areas?

The cost of replacing your roof in Boise and the surrounding areas can vary quite a bit. But according to it averaged about $7,267 for the majority of homeowners. This estimate varies so much because there are many factors that can affect home roof replacement prices, such as:

  • Size of the Home
  • Type of Roofing Material
  • Hourly Labor Costs
  • Condition of the Existing Roof

You will also pay added costs for permit fees, taxes, and any extended warranties purchased with your roof.

Local Cost of a Roof vs Nationwide Roof Replacement Costs

It is hard to get a single accurate estimate for nationwide roof replacement because every region has localized pricing. For instance, costs of goods and services in California are usually much higher compared to the rest of the country. Homeowners living inland a bit, such as Kansas or Oklahoma won’t have to deal with such high prices.

Of course, it’s possible to get a very general idea. Roof replacement costs in the Boise area compared favorably with prices nationwide. Per HomeAdvisor, the average costs nationwide to install a new roof were about $8,528 in 2020. So, estimates for Idaho homeowners were about a thousand dollars less than the national average.

The Rising Price of Materials

Within 2021, economic inflation and shipping delays have made it harder to procure the material for construction projects, including lumber and roof shingles. Homeowners who are getting their roofs worked on should expect slightly higher prices for roof replacement than in the past. It’s also a good idea to schedule your project as early as possible to account for long delivery times.

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